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Oregano Oil and Influenza

What is influenza?
Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is a viral infection transmitted through the air affecting mainly the nose, throat, bronchi and at times, even the lungs. It causes seasonal epidemics around the world and can be fatal when severe complications occur especially in children, elderly and those who are ill with other serious conditions. On the other hand, most people recover spontaneously in a week or two after getting some rest, fluids and over-the-counter medications to treat symptoms like fever and muscle pain.

Symptoms of the flu include fever, chills, cough, nasal congestion, muscle pain, sore throat, headache, watery eyes, flushed skin and fatigue. Diarrhea and abdominal pain are also associated with the flu especially in younger children.

How can oregano oil reduce the risk of influenza?

Oregano oil has a lot of components that help prevent or treat influenza. First of all, it is an outstanding way to boost your immune system. Polish scientists tested 70 different herbs found wild oregano to possess the most potent substance to strengthen the immune system. With your immune system in check, even during the winter months, you will develop a high resistance against this pesky virus (Walter & Bilkei, 2004).

In addition, oregano oil is a great antiviral, more than its bactericidal (Hersch-Martinez, et al., 2005) and fungicidal (Guo, et al., 2009) properties. Because of the prevalence of numerous influenza strains, it is unlikely that a person can ever fully develop resistance to the flu virus. This is also the reason why flu vaccines are recommended to be administered as frequent as yearly. The influenza virus mutates constantly. If the flu still sneaks into your system after your preventive doses, oregano oil can also help treat it. It is both an antiviral and anti-inflammatory so it can promote healing and help you get better a lot quicker.

For people experiencing muscle pain, oregano oil will also work to relieve pain and inflammation caused by flu because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties (Landa, et al., 2009). With all these benefits, you will surely be up and influenza-free in no time.

How should you use oregano oil for influenza?
Five drops of oregano oil diluted in a glass of water works great to eradicate sore throat. Gargle the solution for a few seconds before swallowing it. For sinus congestion, you can inhale the vapor of the oregano oil by placing a few drops in a diffuser and lighting a candle underneath it.

Take 2 to 3 drops of oregano oil diluted in a glass of water twice a day during the flu season to give your immune system a boost. Do not attempt to take full strength oregano by itself because it will burn you’re your mouth and lips. This is for adults only. Kids will have a hard time tolerating it no matter how much you dilute it. You can also place the oregano oil in an empty gel cap so that it’ll be easier for you to swallow it. These preventative doses will help you

Author Jini Patel Thompson recommends a 7-day antiviral oregano oil protocol to fight the flu. She says to take 5 drops every hour for 24 hours, except when you’re asleep because your body also needs to rest, but take a double dose of 10 drops upon arising. Then, take 10 drops every 3 hours for the next 2 days. Again, don’t get up to take it when you’re asleep. After that, take 10 and 5 drops three times a day for Days 4 to 5 and Days 6 to 7 respectively. Thompson also recommends taking high dose probiotics for the next 2 weeks to encourage the growth of the good bacteria eliminated along with the flu. This is recommended for adults only.

To prevent burning your lips and mouth, Thompson says to take a few sips of water, hold it in your throat, use a medicine dropper to administer the desired dosage, swallow it and then flush it with more water to wash it out. Take care not to touch the dropper with your tongue, lips or mouth or it will burn really badly.

Please consult a doctor if you have another medical condition or are taking other medications and supplements that may interact with the oregano. This is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers, the elderly and very young children.

Wild oregano, grown in the Mediterranean, is indeed a miraculous herb. It has the ability to reduce the risk of various diseases caused by countless pathogens including the widespread and sometimes deadly virus, influenza. To keep yourself free from getting the flu, try using oregano oil and it may just turn into your very own miracle oil.


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