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Ear Infection

Oregano Oil and Ear Infection

What happens in ear infections?

Ear infections include Otitis Media and Otitis Externa and occur more often in children than in adults. Children contract Otitis Media or infection of the middle ear easily because they have shorter Eustachian tubes, which make it easier for bacteria to enter. On the other hand, Otitis Externa is a localized bacterial or fungal infection in the external ear canal.

The symptoms of ear infections include redness, pain, hearing loss, nasal congestion, fever, ear discharge and mouth breathing.

How can oregano oil relieve an ear infection?
Because oregano oil is an antibacterial and an antifungal, you can get to the root of the problem and kill the bacteria before it escalates into a bigger problem. Unlike prescription antibiotics or antifungals which are expensive and can be less potent because some pathogens have already developed resistance from them, oregano oil is inexpensive and could be as effective in providing relief for the infection. In a short span of time, you could be infection-free.

In ear infections, the most common pathogens are bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas, as well as fungi Candida albicans and Aspergillus, which according to Lopez, et al. (2007), oregano oil has strong antimicrobial effects against.

Oregano oil is also a great antioxidant and can be taken internally to boost the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of acquiring more infections in the future.

How should oregano oil be used in an ear infection?

Clean the ear using hydrogen peroxide. Then, dilute 1 drop of oregano oil in 50 drops of extra virgin olive oil and use a q-tip dipped into this solution to swab your ear canal. You can also saturate a cotton ball with this diluted oregano oil solution and place it at the entrance of the ear canal.

To take it internally, place 3 drops of oregano oil in a glass of juice or water and wash it out with water afterwards. Do not do this if you’re a pregnant or lactating mother or under treatment for an illness. Exercise caution when giving it to very young children and older adults.

Oregano oil truly has a lot of uses and if you’re skeptical about its numerous benefits, just make a quick internet search and you’ll be surprised how many people have been relying on it for a lot of different illnesses. Try it and you will be without a doubt a new convert.


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