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Cuts and Scrapes

Oregano Oil and Cuts & Scrapes

What are cuts and scrapes?
Cuts and scrapes are simply a break in the skin. Sometimes, even if you are careful, accidents that cause these cuts and scrapes still happen. While minor cuts and scrapes do not require a trip to the emergency room, it can still become infected if proper care is not performed. To avoid this, the affected areas should be properly cleaned to prevent the entry of harmful microorganisms.

How can oregano oil help reduce the risk of infection in cuts and scrapes?
Because a minor cut or scrape generally heals by itself, the only care needed for them is wound cleaning. Oregano oil is excellent for this because of its antiseptic properties that prevent pathogens from entering your system through the wound. In fact, oregano oil performed very well when tested against a huge number of bacteria particularly 189 gram-negative and 135 gram-positive strains of locally prevalent pathogenic bacteria (Hersch-Martinez, et al., 2005). When you apply oregano oil to any cuts or scrapes, it will aggressively attack the microorganisms to make sure that infection does not happen.

How should oregano oil be used for cuts and scrapes?

Dilute 1 drop of full strength wild oregano oil in 10 to 50 drops extra virgin olive oil. Apply liberally on your wound/s and repeat as needed. Make sure you have done a patch test on the inner aspect of your arm to determine sensitivity to oregano oil.

Do not use this on pregnant and nursing mothers and consult your health care provider or a naturopath if you are giving it to children under the age of 12 or the elderly to adjust the dosage accordingly. It is not recommended for children under 5, as well as those being treated for a preexisting medical condition.

One of the things that oregano oil has been proven effective for is its antiseptic properties. Studies conducted by various experts that have appeared in medical and scientific journals are proof of it. If you want the potency of antimicrobials without the harmful side effects, try using what has worked for thousands around the world, oregano oil.


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